Professional Development

The Lamp Post Studio’s professional development opportunities promote wellbeing, critical reflection and purposeful practice.

PDs For All Professionals

As the title suggests we offer PDs that are beneficial for all, and especially well suited to those working in demanding roles such as helping professions (education, healthcare, medicine, and caring professions), as well as entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, managers, ministry personnel and those working in human services.

During our PDs you will experience art-making strategies to promote clarity, wellbeing, creativity and problem-solving. Our PDs are designed to combat burnout and foster fresh perspectives. We support individuals, businesses and organisations to improve wellbeing, realign with values, reconnect with a sense of purpose and thrive.

PDs For Wellbeing Professionals

Our PDs for wellbeing professionals are specifically designed for counsellors, psychologists, social workers and wellbeing officers. Each PD explores unique techniques for integrating visual arts and talk therapy to produce therapeutic outcomes

*Please note our PDs are experiential rather than instructional.

The Lamp Post Studio’s professional development opportunities are hosted at our studio in Bendigo, Victoria, and Online. For specific groups, businesses and organisations, we can facilitate our PDs in a space you provide given the necessary resources are available; tables, chairs, heating, cooling and amenities, (travel and accommodation costs for facilitators may apply).