The Stories That Shape Us

3-Session Course
3 x 2 hour sessions, $240/participant/course

Designed for those interested in living and working in a more meaningful and sustained way.

Drawing on both visual and narrative art to offer insights and understandings, this course allows us to overcome the stories that hold us back and connects us to the stories that make us come alive. Through participation in ‘The Stories That Shape Us’ you can expect to grow in self-understanding and discover your unique roadmap to a deeper sense of purpose.

Creating The Way Forward

8-Session Course
8 x 2 hour sessions, $640/participant/course

Designed for those wanting to see significant growth and forward movement in their life/work journey.

This 8-session course begins where you are in your life now, supporting you to get your bearings, choose your direction, set your course and navigate your way forward. With deep attention to your desired outcomes ‘Creating The Way Forward’ will support you to discover and move towards the goals that are most valuable to you.

The Artist’s Way

12-Session Course (based on the renowned book by Julia Cameron)
12 x 2 hour sessions, $990/participant/course (The Artist’s Way book included)

This internationally acclaimed course is designed for creatives of every genre and level of experience. It is particularly well suited for those who would love to see their creativity find greater ‘lift-off’. At The Lamp Post Studio we believe wholeheartedly in the transformative impact of The Artist’s Way course and will be your guide; keeping you on track, witnessing and championing your development, and supporting you to thrive in the way YOU want as a creative.

The Lamp Post Studio’s courses accommodate 3-5 participants and take place at our studio in Bendigo, Victoria and Online. It is our priority to provide significant support and personal growth through our courses. Small groups allow us to tailor our services to the needs and interests of the specific group and to be deeply present to each individual.

Heidi was a fantastic facilitator, guiding us through The Artist’s Way each week and making sure we all got what we needed out of the program, it was one of the best things I have ever done.”

Bridget Robertson, Singer-Songwriter, Musician and Visual Artist