About Us

The Lamp Post Studio is committed to holistic-wellbeing and fostering the personal, professional and creative development of groups and individuals.

At The Lamp Post Studio, we believe in providing unique and worthwhile wellbeing and development opportunities, facilitated by skilled professionals, in a respectful and compassionate environment.

In addition to working independently, The Lamp Post Studio also partners with existing organisations, groups and teams, to provide tailored opportunities for increased; connection, wellbeing, creativity and development. 

Our Values

This life is a difficult journey, but I’ve had the blessing of Heidi listening, encouraging and walking alongside me. The gentle wisdom she brings as she listens is helping me to listen to my inner self, work out who God made me to be, and develop myself as a person. What a blessing it has been for me to work with someone deeply understanding and encouraging, in this loud and busy world.”

Rebecca Sonsie, Midwife, Hypno-birthing Instructor & Lactation Consultant

From day one, Heidi made me feel safe and invited to share my ponderings, hesitancy and hidden dreams. As we unpacked what was behind things, clarified my focus, and celebrated the joys of success, I have found a new productivity, healing and grace in what I do. This life-giving experience has gifted a whole new thrust and purpose in my life that has been a timely gift of invigorating healing!”

Safina Stewart, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Artist

The significance of our unicorn

Our unicorn symbolises strength, wisdom, kindness, freedom, and truth

At The Lamp Post Studio, we support people to; discover their inner strength, to find wisdom, to choose kindness in ways that support their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of others, to experience a freedom and agency that promotes intentional living, to be true to themselves, and live confidently and authentically in the world.